I’m a serial starter of projects, and a serial non-finisher of projects. Here’s my most recent few:


A fun toy to make handclap tweets easier, inspired by a Colin Meloy tweet.


A library of C# implementations of useful types from Rust. Currently brings in Option and Result<T, E>, with an eye toward making them usable via C# 7 pattern matching, while preserving as much of Rust's API as makes sense.


A fully managed PNG encoder written in C#, with an eye for blazing speed as well as implementation correctness. Works pretty well for simple images already.


Reedy reads and extracts files from iOS backups. Reedy is actually technically done, seeing as it does its job and does it fairly straightforwardly, but I do want to polish it up a bit and write some cross-platform UI. :)


A silly little library to turn any input English into Swedish Chef-ese. Powers @pontifex_chef, a bot that takes tweets by the Pope and Cheferizes them. Ported from cheferize.rb because I really liked its rule system.


A Twitter bot that uses NCheferizer to make any Twitter user sound like the Swedish chef. The engine behind @pontifex_chef and @borkDonaldTrump.


A collaboration with Eric Maupin, a GIF library manager roughly in the vein of GifWit. Currently in the process of a major rewrite.